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All the Things You Have to Know about 3 Day Military Diet Substitutions

Do you search for best diet program to lose your weight? 3 day military diet substitutions can be the choice for you. 3 day military diet is a type of diet that doesn’t require complex activity. You just need to change your meals for 3 days without doing vigorous exercise.
If it is summarized, the diet consists of 3 days diet plan. Here is the list of meals you have to consume during this diet program:

First Day                                                            
Breakfast: Grapefruit, toast, peanut butter and coffee.
Lunch: Tuna, toast and coffee.
Dinner: Meat, green beans, banana, apple, and vanilla ice cream.

Second Day                         

Breakfast: Hard-boiled egg, toast and banana.
Lunch: Cottage cheese, hard-boiled egg and saltine crackers.
Dinner: Hot dogs, banana, broccoli, carrot and vanilla ice cream.

Third Day

Breakfast: Apple, cheddar cheese, and saltine cracker.
Lunch: Hard-boiled egg and toast.
Dinner: Tuna, banana and vanilla ice cream.

The meals mentioned above are simple and easy to be found. But the problem is, some people may not like some meals that have been mentioned. Don’t worry because you can use other substitution meals. As we know that this diet is flexible and can be done easily. You just need to know about the substitutions for every meal. Read the information below to know about it.

3 Day Military Diet for Banana

3 Day Military Diet for Banana
Banana is delicious fruit and has sweet taste. But, some people may not like this fruit. There are also people who like this fruit so much but sometime feel so difficult to get it. Don’t worry because you can change it by various fruits. 
Actually, some fruits have same calories with banana. You can change banana with two kiwi fruits, 2 apricots or 1 cup papaya. Those are the choices that will make you easy to do your 3 days military diet. Even you can change banana with plums and apple sauce.

3 Day Military Diet for Grapefruit

3 Day Military Diet for Grapefruit
Some people may not like the taste of grapefruit, whereas there are so many benefits of grapefruit, especially for 3 day military diet. Actually, there is no fruit that has same benefit with grapefruit, but it doesn’t mean you will not find substitution for grapefruit. 
To get same benefit, you can use ½ tablespoon of baking powder. Pour it in the water and then drink it to get same benefits of grapefruits. It may look so weird, but the benefits you will get is same with the benefits you will get from grapefruits.

3 Day Military Diet Substitutions for Broccoli

3 Day Military Diet Substitutions for Broccoli
Do you like broccoli? There are so many people who like broccoli. But, sometime you may confuse to change broccoli with other vegetables. When it happens, you don’t have to be worry. There are so many substitutions for broccoli, such as cauliflower and Brussels sprout. 
Actually, broccoli can be substituted by green vegetables too, such as asparagus, spinach, and many more. So whenever you feel so confuse to consume other vegetables instead of broccoli, you can consume green vegetable to get same benefits.

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3 Day Military Diet Substitutions for Ice Cream

3 Day Military Diet Substitutions for Ice Cream
Ice cream is so yummy, and most people are so like it. Sometime, you may think about the substitutions of ice cream. Is there any substitution for ice cream? Yes, there are some substitutions for ice cream, such as frozen yogurt, cup of milk and fruity yogurt. 
So, there is no reason to left ice cream menu on your military diet program. You can change it with other substitutions that have same benefits and good taste. Even you can consume apple juice as the substitution of ice cream.

3 Day Military Diet for Egg

3 Day Military Diet for Egg
Egg always found in diet program because contains good nutrition for body. But, some people may not like egg. There are also people who has egg allergy, so they can’t insert egg to their military diet menu. 
If you are a person who can’t eat egg, you can change egg with various substitutions, such as ¼ cup of nuts or seeds, a cup of milk, one chicken wing, or two slices of bacon. The substitutions are so yummy and have same benefits with egg. To make it healthier, you can also use olive oil when frying the chicken or bacon.

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3 Day Military Substitutions for Tuna

3 Day Military Substitutions for Tuna
Many people don’t like canned tuna. It will be a problem when you want to do military diet because tuna is important aspect of this diet. To handle this problem, you can use other foods to get same benefits. Some food such as chicken or lean meats can be used as substitution of tuna. 
But remember, not every food can substitute tuna. Remember that you have to choose food which has low calories. For your suggestion, you can substitute tuna with tofu, cottage, almonds, and peanuts. By using the substitutions, you can still do a diet program without loss the benefits of tuna.

3 Day Military Diet for Hot Dog

Actually, hot dog is not good choice for diet program if it contains nitrates. So, hot dog can be substituted by various foods such as turkey dogs, tofu canines, soy dog, bratwurst, deli meat, luncheon meats, and baloney. But for people who don’t eat meat, you can substitute hot dog with beans, lentils, or Portobello mushroom. The substitutions have same nutrition with hot dog, and it will also make your diet can be done so well. Remember that the important point is calories. You can change hot dog with other food which has same calories with hot dog.

3 Day Military Diet for Hot Dog
Well, those are some information for you about 3 day military diet substitutions. You can use the information above to get substitutionmeals for military diet program. When you have known about 3 day military diet substitutions, you can do the diet program easily. Remember that a diet program will be successful if you really note the food or calories intake you have to take. So when you decide to do3 day military diet program, you have to consume right food, and eat it in the right time. Finally, hopefully some information about 3 day military diet substitutions above will be useful for you.

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