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Military Diet Substitutions of Foods for Three Days

Military diet substitutions of foods are the information that is mostly asked by the dieters that want to have the three days food. The changes will be used by the dieters to replace certain foods that they don’t like or cannot get. Based on many sources, the combination of the foods can cause chemical reactions and then resulting weight loss. Some more people said that the weight loss occurs for the low-calorie intake in the diets. On the other hand, the three days food is an interesting one to try and find to know the foods that work. It will also easy to try again when you don’t succeed in the first time.
Military Diet Substitutions

By having the military diet substitutions of foods, you should make sure that the calorie intake is in the same amount. The substitutions are only for in case you need it, and you aren’t allowed to have the entire food changes and have them just because you like them. Find the food substitution options below.

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The Alternative Foods for the First Day 

Substitutions for Breakfast menu: 
Grapefruit: orange or mandarin orange 
Toast: rice cake, whole grain cereal, saltine crackers, tortilla
Peanut Butter: almond butter, soy butter, hummus or other seed or nut butter. 
Coffee or tea: green tea, non-sugar hot coco 

Substitutions for Lunch menu:
Tuna: chicken, cottage cheese, almonds, tofu, or pumpkin seeds 
Toast: rice cake, whole grain cereal, saltine crackers, tortilla
Coffee or tea: green tea, non-sugar hot coco

Military diet substitutions for dinner menu: 
Meat: beans, tofu, Portobello mushrooms
Green bean: spinach, tomato, lettuce, or other green veggies 
Banana: kiwis, apricots, grapes
Apple: grapes, zucchini, peas, apricots, peaches, or plums 

Ice cream: fruit yogurt, frozen yogurt, apple sauce.  

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The Alternative Foods for Second Day

Boiled egg: scrambled egg, nuts, chicken, two slices of bacon, or seeds. 
Toast: rice cake, whole grain cereal, saltine crackers, tortilla
Banana: kiwis, apricots, grapes

Cottage cheese: ricotta or cheddar cheese, plain Greek yogurt, ham slice 
Saltine cracker: plain toast, rice cake, whole grain cereal

Hot dog: baloney, bratwurst, soy, beans, turkey, tofu, veggie 
Banana: kiwis, apricots, grapes

Broccoli: Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, asparagus, cabbage, beet root

For the third day, the foods for breakfast are apple, cheddar cheese, and saltine cracker. For the lunch, the foods are hardboiled egg and toast. Meanwhile, for dinner, the foods are tuna, banana and ice cream. You can have the military diet substitutions in the same way like the menu in the first and second day. 

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